A reframing of the classic French folktale “Bluebeard,” retold from the historically silenced perspective of Bluebeard’s wives. Using dance as its language, BLUE rewrites an old tale of misogyny— giving voice, autonomy and agency to these formally forgotten women.

Shot in collaboration with the Dark Set Project.

Directed by Francesca Pazniokas
Featuring Hannah Balagot, Jane Abbott, Grace Elizabeth Calio, Meghan Glogower, and Sydney Ruf-Wong
Choreography by Hannah Balagot
Produced by Dark Set Films


A collaboration with performance artist Rae of Mars, Sea Change is part of a “suite of elements including live aerial performance, manipulated video, and a duo of 'land' and 'sea' photo stories. Together, these components explore the psyche of the character of Ariel (Shakespeare's The Tempest)…by turning the lens onto the fantastic and inhuman, the most human themes of all can be embraced: how it feels to be trapped, what it means to be free, and our dangerous ability to manipulate each other.” 

Directed by Francesca Pazniokas
Featuring Rae of Mars


An up-and-coming YouTuber makes a violent enemy when she chooses money over personal integrity.

Written & Directed by Francesca Pazniokas
Featuring Andrea Lee Christensen and Felicia Lobo


Written by Francesca Pazniokas
Directed by Jefferson White & Grace Palmer
Produced by Means of Productions
Featuring Daniel Johnson, Regan Moro and Paola Sanchez Abreu


Produced by chap.three
Coming Fall 2019